Tuesday, May 24, 2011

8th and P - north side

CityMarket at O may have had a ceremonial groundbreaking in September 2010 (with pitiful results thus far), but Mr Q prefers to see some REAL ground breaking that involves actual dirt moving - like the kind he sees on the north side of 8th and P Street NW...courtesy of Capital City Real Estate.  

A quick check on their website shows the future project is actually on their home page (note to Cap City - your new project is in SHAW, not Shawn...but that's neither here nor there since Mr Q is just happy to see someone follow through with a project within a reasonable period of time...and I have no problem with you latching onto Logan for marketing efforts either)!!  

Smaller projects seem to be moving along all over the 'hood...here's hoping O Street Market and Kelsey Gardens follows suit....someday.

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