Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Used Car Lot gone at P and Marion...

Not sure if this is a case of Mr Q being unobservant to changes in the 'hood
(hard to believe I know), or if this is a fairly recent development,
but while walking TCDITWWW today I noticed the ugly used car lot
at the corner of P St NW and Marion has disappeared!


Where did it go?

Was this part of the Fenty used car lot clean up or is there something
actually planned for this piece of land? Would that be too much to hope for??

Even if it sits there empty, Mr Q has to say he prefers an empty lot to a used car business that never actually seemed to be selling used cars...


rknight said...

ths lot being closed had something to do with the mayor's crackdown on shady car dealers in the district. my understanding is this was just one of many. hopefully it will be developed into something else.

Anonymous said...

I think it has been cleared out for maybe 2-3 weeks.

And yes...he never seemed to be selling cars. It was always a weird place. I really do hope they do something with it, but knowing Shaw there is a 99% chance of it sitting vacant for years.