Friday, June 12, 2009

Bullpen at Nats Stadium AND Flashback Friday...

Mr Q has been in a self-induced Netflix coma over the last week and has had little time to post...and can anyone tell me why The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was an Oscar nominated movie?? Please...when Mr Q is waiting for Brad Pitt to just shut up and age backward already you KNOW something's some film editing people!! 2 hours and 46 minutes??!!

C'mon...the only movie that should be that long is the Sex and the City sequel or anything starring Madonna...

OK, I'm completely off track...

Mr Q had a delightful evening last night at the Bullpen at Nationals Stadium last night...he was headed there with Long John Erie and his friend 2Knees with every intention of actually entering the stadium so we could meet Big D who was there with a bunch of company folk...however, plans changed when we got to the box office and were told there were no $5 tickets and the cheapest tix were $18! Not a crazy extravagant price, but we decided to check out The Bullpen across the street, have a beer and think it over before we laid out the cash...

It was about then that Mr Q got it into his head that The Gardener would be passing right by the stadium on his way home from work and maybe he could pick up a gym bag Mr Q obviously had no use for anymore that evening, so he made the call and The Gardener obliged Mr Q's request and stopped by!

The Gardener was super lucky to get parking so he and The Cutest Dog in the Whole Wide World ("TCDITWWW") also joined us (yes, no one said anything about bringing TCDITWWW in) for $6 16oz Bud Light Limes at the Bullpen...which is $2 LESS than they sell them for INSIDE the stadium!

Which brings me to my point...the Bullpen is a delightful place to spend an evening if you haven't been there's outside...has picnic tables, hot dogs, tacos, bean bag games...a completely kick-ass DJ and then a live BAND!! We were there for hours!! Good job owners of the Bullpen! We love what you've done to a completely empty lot!!

And now, in honor of baseball, here's my Flashback Friday video!

OK, one more thing before the video...Mr Q was checking out GMA this morning and thought he was in some weird parallel universe when the first story had Cher in it -
Chastity's becoming Chaz!! Wow!!

And that story was followed by a Madonna story!
She's finally getting Mercy!! Madonna, Mercy, David, Rocco and Lourdes...what a family!
And she still has Jesus (Luz) in her life! Wow. I agree with Liz...more power to you M!!

OK, have a playful Friday!!
And check back for FULL QSN PRIDE coverage this weekend!

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