Friday, May 22, 2009

Flashback Friday and more!!

OK, Mr Q feels he has no other choice than to pick Cyndi Lauper for Flashback Friday!
Between A.I. and Ugly Betty he can't get away from her...not that he would want to...


And can we talk about Ugly Betty's finale last night??

The combination of Judith Light, Christine Baranski, Bernadette Peters, Vanessa Williams and some really great writing made this one fabulous finale!!

Unfortunately I had the displeasure to read in the Post this morning that ABC is moving it to certain death next season!! Friday nights at 9PM!!???

Mr Q thought they had an average season at best this year, but this last show really gave me hope! And doesn't look good...we can only hope whatever is being put in Ugly Betty's place on Thursday night fails quickly and ABC realizes the error of their ways!!

Now for some positive news broken by none other than one of my favorite (and only?) commenters Holay...GILLES MARINI IS COMING TO BROTHERS AND SISTERS NEXT YEAR!! Hoo-RAY is all Mr Q has to say about THAT NEWS!!

Is it too much to ask that smarmy Scotty gets hit by a bus in the first episode and Gilles portrays the doctor that has to break the bad news to Kevin and the two go on to have a passionate love affair??!!

Oh the possibilities!!
Unfortunately I have a feeling it'll be another boring fling for Rachel Griffiths character what's her name...

OK, Mr Q has to get ready for his Memorial Day weekend now...

Here's wishing everyone a memorable holiday...

Till next week...less TV, more local...perhaps.

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