Sunday, April 5, 2009

Go Nats!

The Gardener and Mr Q joined their good friends Blondie and Lady Ashburn for a Washington Nationals preseason exhibition game against the Baltimore Orioles last night!

Lady Ashburn won 2 tickets at work and had never been to the stadium yet so we were happy to tag along...
For this particular foursome, the night was just an excuse to eat hot dogs and drink expensive beers in a different location and by the way, a game was going on in the background...

Not being a regular here at the stadium it was difficult for me to see what specific changes have been made, but you can read more about that here...

The thing we did notice was that we have a really GREAT stadium right here in our backyard, wicked convenient on metro...sure the beers are pricey but at least you get a 16 oz beer for your $7.50! And they have Bud Light Lime!!

One downside - although the half-smokes at Ben's Chili Bowl were delicious, some of the staff at the stadium are not representing the establishment well...ignoring customers, goofing off, walking around acting like they're doing people a favor by waiting on them did not make a good impression....the half-smokes and chili ARE good but waiting in a line for so long when there's really bad customer service will make me think twice about waiting again!
Knock it off people!!

But that aside, we enjoyed ourselves so much we not only stayed the entire game, but we were among the last to leave!! We'll definitely be going again throughout the summer months...

And the Nats Won!! FACE to the B'ORIOLES!!

Note to owners...the lights in the second "N" in Nationals Park needs replacing -
please see picture below!!
Geez - get that fixed before the President throws out the first ball, ok??

Note to everyone else - Season Opener on April 13th!! Be there!!

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