Monday, April 6, 2009

Gardening Questions??

If you've enjoyed the header pictures on Q Street News throughout the last year, they have ALL been the result of the devotion and hard work of the Gardener...
taking pictures is the easy part for Mr Q!

He keeps the yard looking amazing each season throughout the year...
not to mention his award-winning orchid extravaganza indoors!!

And now as a service to QSN readers, the Gardener is available for any gardening questions
you might have!!

If you're puttering around the yard and can't figure out what should go where,
or have a plant question to make your indoor living space more beautiful,
feel free to


Looking forward to your questions!

And Mr Q will be happy to post all inquiries and responses!!

Enjoy Spring!


Anonymous said...

First, let me start by saying that the new flower shot at the top is downright perfect-o!

Second, let me express my excitement at having the gardener's vast plant knowledge at our (collective) fingertips!

There are two things a plant hoarder, like myself, really look forward to-buying new plants and talking about ways to avoid killing them if at all possible. I can't wait to start picking The Gardener's brain!



Mr. Q said...

Thanks Holay...

Feel free to ask away anytime!!