Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A BIG day!!

First, QSN is officially ONE YEAR OLD today!!

How exciting for me and the legions of QSN readers!!
I'd like to thank all twelve to thirty of of you depending on the day...but in one year there has been over 4,800 visits from over 2,400 visitors! That's wacky.

And what a better way to celebrate a one year anniversary than to wish my favorite
Sex and the City actress a happy birthday!

Happy 44th today to Sarah Jessica Parker!!

I loved this ad campaign a few years back...
(Doris Day did a fab cover of this song if you're interested!!)
But that was before GAP dumped Sarah because she was "too old" and made the brilliant decision Joss Stone would be more appealing to their demographic!!
Good Move GAP!! Losers..

But I digress...


SJP with GAP.

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si said...

nice hyacinth ;)