Monday, November 24, 2008

Madonna and Mr Q do Philadelphia...

We're BACK from Philly and the Stickiest and Sweetest Tour we've ever seen starring the one and only MADONNA!!

Here's a little clip of the end of MUSIC that Mr Q took with his very own camera!!


Say what you want - no one has done the role of "pop star" better and with more energy for the last 25+ years...

"Like a Prayer" was the highlight of the night, but she turned "She's Not Me" off of Hard Candy into a song I actually liked! She needs to drop that guitar thing though...

And wasn't it interesting that Mr Q and the gang saw Madonna in the Land of Independence the same weekend she gained her freedom from her own British rule...

Almost Single Madonna is looking glamorous -
this picture was taken in NYC one night before we saw her!!

And I so much prefer when she actually appears to have put some thought into her hairstyle!
And that dress is a fun change from the sweatsuits she's usually photographed in lately...yes, it's weird and looks like overgrown grass, but she's MADONNA!!

Condolences to AJ for the loss of his camera with Madonna pics on it...if anyone is reading this in Philly and happens to come across a 3.2 megapixel SONY camera please drop me a comment!!

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