Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ugly Betty is Back!!

Wow! That was the absolute best Ugly Betty since the writer's strike last season...and it wasn't just because Eddie Cibrian had a shower scene...although when that wedding ring fell out of his pocket in front of Poppy that is a great example of classic Ugly Betty writing!!

Excellent writing...good use of all the characters...Mark with the Wilhemina dummy...Amanda and her credit problems...and an attempted murder mystery solved by Betty all in one episode...

And if that wasn't enough - a last minute cliffhanger confession from Alexis as she disappears to jail!!

Loved it...keep it going Betty...
(they didn't do much to hide Rebecca Romijn's pregnancy in his episode, did they? I'll be sorry to see her character go...)

P.S...The Office is the best..."there wasn't much fruit in those looms"....funny stuff.

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