Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks for your TOLERANCE Sarah!!

A little "live-blogging" during the VP debates...

Wow! She's "TOLERANT" of me!! Almost like I'm a taxpaying American citizen too!!

All Men are Created Equal Sarah? Well, almost...let's leave that "marriage" thing out...that's between one man and one woman...
Oh, sorry, the federal government doesn't give you Social Security benefits or domestic partner benefits unless you're MARRIED?
Oh well...better save up for a rainy day you same-sex people you!!

Maybe if we make it hard enough you might not CHOOSE to be in these wacky same-sex relationships!!

OMG! She can't say "nuclear" either!! Just like GW!!

Overall, she's doing pretty well I think...that 3 day cram session in Arizona has worked!!

I love Gwen Ifill...but wouldn't it be funny if Katie Couric had been a last minute substitute???

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