Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So much to talk about... little time.

First, Mr Q has returned from his Syracuse University reunion extravaganza!!
OK, maybe it wasn't an extravaganza, but it had been MONTHS since he'd seen Talli & Laura and many, many years since he's seen Eric, Higgy and Gary...and Roger (although Roger was a London person I just heard about through Patti Wad...and Eric and Laura...but it was great to meet him and his 16 year old look-alike son!)'s amazing how years can go by but you can get together with old friends and still have so much to talk about...shots of Patron notwithstanding...

Anyway, I'm in a huge rush tonight because you KNOW what's about to start, don't you??!!

Yes! The Project Runway FINALE!! thought I was going to say something about a debate between McNegative and That One??? Mr Q has made his mind up and sees no reason to miss a surprising victory by none other than LeAnne on Project Runway tonight!! Yep, that's my prediction and I'm sticking to it!

OK - gotta go...I'll check back sooner than later.

P.S. to Madonna - if you need some consoling next month in Philly, please stop by Woody's or Bump after the concert - Mr Q would be glad to buy you a pick me up cocktail!! And talk you OUT of any affair with A-Rod...fingers crossed that's just an ugly rumor!!

Holy crap - have you seen Beyonce's new video?? Wow!!
The song's a little annoying, but check out those moves!!

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