Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jumping the Broom at be bar...

Noah's Arc is going from the small screen on the LOGO channel to the big screen this Friday, October 24th...

The Gardener and I rented the entire series via Netflix several months ago...the acting is not so good, the writing is cheesy and the characters unbelievable...a "D List" Sex and the City if you will...the lead character Noah even wears kooky outfits just like SJP!!
And for some reason we could NOT STOP WATCHING IT!
By the last DVD we were absolutely hooked!!

Anyway, looks like Noah may (or may not) be getting married to Wade in the very Carrie Bradshaw of him!!

And on top of all this Jensen Atwood (Wade) will be at Be Bar on Sunday, November 2nd!! What's with the hair in that preview Jensen??

Wade is absolutely the cutest of the characters (preview hair notwithstanding) so good choice Be Bar!!

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