Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Warren Sapp!!

Cloris is still my favorite, but a close runner up is Mr. Warren Sapp!!

He is freakin' GREAT!! Unbelievably light on his feet...he's one to watch!And after making her wait for almost TWO HOURS, La Lucci found out she was still in the competition and did an awesome two step!! Congrats Susan!!

The comedian is gone, and cutie pie Mark is currently dancing to "I Like Big Butts" with Kim Kardashian!! Poor think she'd shake it like nobody's business but she's really stiff...maybe nerves...she DID wait two hours on LIVE TV...

OK, I'll calm down now about DWTS and change up the posts from now on!!


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Missy said...

Love Warren!! He'll be in the finals for sure!