Monday, September 22, 2008

My new hero on DWTS and an extremely quick Emmy recap!

Mr Q has a new hero and her name is Cloris Leachman!! If I can be having that much fun at 82 I'll be very happy indeed! She was GREAT on Dancing with the Stars tonight!! What energy...and did I mention she's 82 YEARS OLD!! Unbelievable...

Other happy surprises...Lance can Dance!!
Keep shakin' it baby...not crazy about your "punky ballroom" partner'd look better with Mark...

Unfortunately, my other fave Susan Lucci was looking pretty stiff, but I do think she was really nervous! Take a deep breath Susan and find your inner diva!!

One other DWTS highlight was Mark's PINK jacket (danced with Kim Kardashian...who was better than I thought she'd be...) but I HAVE to find out where to get a jacket like that!!

And now a very quick mention for the UNWATCHABLE EMMY's Sunday night...ugh.
Horrible doesn't come close to describing that broadcast...but two highlights...

Brooke Shields looked flawless... Dress, hair, makeup...perfect.

And it was nice to see Neil Patrick Harris walking in with his partner David as nonchalantly as any other couple...
Love NPH when he guest hosts for Reege...he or Anderson Cooper would be a great replacement for Mr. Philbin if he ever decides to give up that chair next to Kelly!

Now Mr Q has to go to bed but I'm looking forward to Ugly Betty and The Office on Thursday!!
Hopefully no shark-jumping this season!!

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