Thursday, August 28, 2008

NBC Olympic coverage homophobic???

"Such amazing stories at the Games were a staple for NBC, who farmed other similar athletes' successes for every minute of airtime they could transmit. However, while NBC was more than willing to talk about various athletes’ parents, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends (and even their love triangles), the network was remarkably silent about Mitcham’s family.

When Mitcham raced into the stands after his win to give his partner, Fletcher, a kiss—NBC’s cameras did not follow him to capture the glorious moment. Never once did NBC mention Mitcham was gay. And while sexual orientation should not truly be a factor in such coverage, the omission stood out in sharp contrast to the lengthy discussions given to the ‘unique’ qualities of many other Olympic athletes by the network. Being the only openly gay male athlete at the Summer Olympics was certainly a ‘unique’ aspect of Mitcham’s story.

And when Mitcham thanked his partner and his mother after his win, his heartfelt, passionate words were not heard by the millions of Olympic fans watching NBC—though they had heard such similar words from a plethora of heterosexual athletes about their families at the games.

However, despite accusations thrown at them for censoring their coverage of Mitcham at the Games, NBC says they did no such thing."

- from the NBC message boards

It's 2008 and NBC thinks it would be too controversial to mention this Olympic Gold Medal winner has a partner? Or God forbid show them in a congratulatory hug and kiss?


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