Monday, August 4, 2008

Mr Q visits Nats...Nats start winning...coincidence?

Mr Q and his family went to their very first Nats game Saturday night!

First & foremost...$7.50 for a beer...specifically a Bud Light Lime (I don't care if it IS 20 oz.!) is CRAZY!!! OK, now that I got that out of the way, the rest of the stadium is fabulous, and I think has the opportunity to be even more so if they develop it right...

That's always a big IF with DC since they've already messed up on a couple of very important site lines (i.e. allowing obstructed views of the Capitol with new buildings, and not taking advantage of the river views at all...) but I'm hoping for the best...cause I'm a positive kind of guy!

Love the the President's the the metro the FIREWORKS(!)...don't know if I love the food cause I was stuffed and could hardly get down the three or four $7.50 Bud Light Limes I had...

I didn't really watch much of the game...does the President's Run count? I even saw a "Let Teddy Win" button...I may need to get one of those!!

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