Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr Q loves Chicago!!

Finally rested up from a long weekend away in Chicago with AJ, Chartreusy and the Gardener...

Can't say enough good things about this city...but I thought pictures might explain why we fell in love with it better than words...

And it gives me an opportunity to create and upload my FIRST slideshow on the you'll be able to tell I'm self-taught at this point!

If anyone can let me know how to improve the quality of the photos and at the same time keep them in a file size that's "uploadable" to blogger that would be appreciated!! This looks WAY better on the iMac with the full-size photos!! No, really!
And damn it, I just missed syncing the song perfectly with the pictures by a few seconds!

Anyway, hope you enjoy my first attempt at posting my own homemade video!
I WILL get better at this!!

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