Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's "Why I'm Not Voting for Jack Evans" Tuesday!

For five years (at least) this eyesore has been sitting at the southeast corner of
7th St NW and Q Street NW...

From other local bloggers I have read it's owned by Warren Williams, and at one time there was a website from the Warrenton Group (site now under construction) showing a wonderful restoration of the property...

I'm wondering if the Warren Williams mentioned in the Post and the WBJ is the same Warren Williams that I've read owns this property?

If it's not the same person, my apologies...

If it is, why would the city turn over a lucrative contract to a person that can't maintain his own properties and obviously doesn't give a rat's ass about his neighbors in Shaw?

This hasn't been vacant for 5 months...it's been 5 years...or more.

Does anyone know if there's a connection? Or the current status of this property? Or if the owner is paying taxes at a vacant property rate?

What has Jack done over his 17 years on the DC council to rid the neighborhood of urban blight?

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