Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Merkado Kitchen closing!

According to today's Washington Post, Merkado Kitchen on P Street is closing after dinner on August 24th...I guess it wasn't "realizing its potential given its dynamic location" according to the owner...

Good news is they're opening a new place called The Commissary on September 8th! The new place is described as "an all-purpose cafe, lounge, coffeehouse and wine bar. "We're engineering it to be all the things Logan Tavern is not," Winer says. That means daily continental breakfast until 5 p.m., pizza for lunch and dinner, an extensive dessert selection and lower prices. A separate lounge area will offer free WiFi.

Mr Q only ate at Merkado one time and enjoyed it, but I'm completely OK with a lower priced loungy pizza, breakfast, dessert wi-fi place...whatever that is...we'll find out in September I guess!

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