Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Love Tim Gunn!!

He's funny, smart, articulate...and that voice! Who talks like that?! But somehow he makes it work!!

This reporter from Time.com asks him 10 questions, and his responses are great - especially re: the fashion industry and "real" women..."casual" clothing...and Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain...

And don't forget - Project Runway starts TOMORROW NIGHT - Wednesday, July 16th for its LAST SEASON on Bravo! Make sure you catch it before it moves to LA (?) and the Lifetime Network completely screws it up!!

Bravo has done little to no promotion for the new season of PR...any other season we would have seen 5,000 PR marathons by now along with multiple "sneak peeks" of the cast for the Season 5. This time around...zippo.

Damn those Weinstein brothers!! Auf Wiedersehn Bravo!!

Rumor has it there's some eye candy on this year, but that's hard for Mr Q to confirm with no pictures of the cast out there yet!! But you know I'll be watching tomorrow night!

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