Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Morning!

I have my EYE on you!!

I'm distracted (in a good way) with this iMac...I have LOTS to learn...but as you can tell, I have the Photo Booth down pretty well!!

I'm so happy Jesse Jackson doesn't know a live mic from a dead one...I was just mentioning to my sister that you haven't heard much from him and/or Al Sharpton...and to me that's a good thing...hopefully this should take care of Jesse's public appearances from now until November....well, after the next 24 hours of non-stop ridiculous media coverage...

Can't wait to hear Meredith Viera ask him "Reverend Jackson - what exactly did you mean when you said you wanted to cut Obama's n**ts off??"

OUCH! That would HURT Jesse!! Thankfully I have photo booth to express how much!!
Crazy times...and you know its just the beginning...November is a long way away...

OH! And speaking of nuts, you have an opportunity to see "I LIKE NUTS - The Musical" here in DC...if nuts aren't your thing there are LOTS of other performances coming up at the Capital Fringe Festival from July 10th to July 27th...check it out. Mr Q and the Gardener took a chance on "Blue Lagoon - The Musical" last year and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Have an interesting Thursday!

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