Friday, June 13, 2008

TV Land Awards on Sunday, June 15th at 9PM

The Golden Girls will be back on TV Sunday night getting a TV LAND Award!
Dorothy (Bea Arthur - 86), Rose (Betty White - 86), and Blanche (Rue McClanahan - 74) were all there for the taping this week!!

Unfortunately Estelle Getty (Sophia) - 84, (yes, she was YOUNGER than Bea Arthur and she played her mother!) is suffering from dementia and wasn't there...

I've watched previous years and the show is more fun than you might think...They do some funny skits mixing old TV stars w/ current TV shows...last year was "Ugly Betty White"!!
And Vanessa Williams (aka Wilhelmena Slater) is hosting this year!! Woo Hoo!!

OK, I know...Mr Q can sometimes have a different take on what makes a fun night of TV viewing...but tune in, you might enjoy it!

And just one more thing...did anyone see Betty White on Password last night? The woman is amazing! Funny and sharp as a tack! I Love Betty!!

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