Friday, June 27, 2008

The news is depressing...

The Dow hits record lows...gas prices going to $7/gallon...home prices continuing their decline...Madonna getting divorced???

Well, on that last one, I think a single Madonna might be more fun than a married one and maybe she'll give up that faux British accent...On the other hand, if the rumor isn't true, well good for them...either way she and Guy have given it a good 7+ year run, which in celebrity-land is about as long-term as it gets, right???

But on to the GOOD news for this Friday!! And you can always count on Mr Q to find the silver lining in this wasteland of doom and gloom in the mainstream media!

Becks is in DC THIS WEEKEND!!

I want all Q Street readers (well, the ones in the DC area anyway, but whoever's reading me on a semi-regular basis in Alabama - THANK YOU!)...

Wow, I'm easily distracted today...anyway...

PLEASE keep a sharp eye out for Mr. Beckham and post a comment if he's been sighted...the game is on Sunday at 12:30pm which means he has to be in town Saturday night!

I'll be checking QSN (hey - I have an acronym!) regularly and will head to any location in the DC metro area to see him!! Wow - is that as desperate as it sounds??? :-)

Of course I COULD get tickets to the game, but I see myself having drinks with Dave someplace...last year he was spotted at Play Lounge in Dupont Circle...where the h is that?

Have a good weekend...and thanks for reading...QSN hit an all-time high readership yesterday!!

I had to wonder...was it the Birds Barbie or the Gardener???

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