Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Previews...

I wasn't expecting to be a big fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond (I liked the suave, deboner Pierce Brosnan)...but after catching Casino Royale on Netflix it was definitely a fun movie and there is definitely something sizzlin' about Mr. Craig!!

Quantum of Solace looks stylish...and I love anything with the fab Dame Judi Dench! But what the H does Quantum of Solace mean? Guess we'll find out in November 2008!!

And speaking of Pierce Brosnan, he's moved on from being dumped as Bond to one of the potential fathers in Mamma Mia!

This will probably come as a HUGE shock dear readers, but Mr Q is all about ABBA and is not ashamed to say he's seen the play twice and LOVED IT! And what's not to love about Greek Isles and lots of singing and dancing??!!

I was concerned when I heard about the Meryl Streep...but in a musical?? Could this be another star gimmick like John Travolta ruining Hairspray??

Well, I read my first review today here, and the Hollywood Reporter LOVES the Mamma Mia movie!! I'm so excited!! And it'll be released on July 18th!!

NO Worries...NO SPOILERS in the review...

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