Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Gardener!!

June 25th is here again and its time for birthday congratulations!!
To the man who has the best hydrangeas, caladiums and brightest impatiens!

His green thumb makes Q Street a place to behold,
with flora of every shade - red, white, purple and gold...

This will probably be my last birthday rhyme, and for that dear readers be glad,
Because as hard as Mr Q might try, he knows his birthday poems are quite bad...

Dear Gardener - your birthday present will be delayed - it arrives in the fall,
Hopefully it's worth the wait and Philly will be a ball,

Yes - your present is a concert - and I hope you think its nifty...
For the first time we'll see Madonna on stage...the same year she turns fifty!

So Happy Birthday Mr. Gardener...or is it Betty?...or Woody?
Whatever name you go by, May all your wishes come true and I hope it's a Goody!!

Wow - a Goody?
Yes, that does it...the birthday poetry is officially retired.

I hope you enjoy this birthday video I chose just for you!!


The Gardener said...

Wow! I can't believe my birthday made it into Q Street News! I love my poem and video, Mr. Q! You're the best! I love you!

The Gardener

Anonymous said...

It's so funny seeing the orchid blooming on the video. Maybe I should tape the 10 million orchid blossums I've seen over the 3 years mine has been blooming (and still going strong)!

Happy Belated Birthday, Gardener!

Anonymous said...

BTW - I LOVED the poem. A lot of thought went into that one. It's like you really knew the subject Mr Q!