Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday AJ!!

I decided to to skip the birthday poem
since Jimmy's was kind of lame,
I hope you're not upset -
I know, I know, its a darn awful shame,
But when you realize you're not that good at rhyme,
You should just call it a day and not waste your reader's time,
But if I did come up with a poem - I'd obviously say something about AJ,
like each 15th of June is your birthday -
you work hard at the gym to get your six pack abs
and walk around DC like you're Miss Baltimore Crabs,
But I know the whole thing would just end up being silly,
so I'll just say Happy Birthday and I hope its a dilly!


Hope you ENJOY your birthday videos!!
I couldn't get Eddie Cibrian in person so this is the next best thing
(although I thought that might be you making a cameo in the video at the 3:00 minute mark
w/ the weedwhacker)...
and the 2nd video, well, that needs no explanation does it??
You could have taught Michelle a few moves!

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