Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy 54th Harvey!!

Birthday Greetings to my favorite Tony-award winning Edna Turnblad -
the talented Harvey Fierstein!!

And who can forget him as Karl on The Simpsons?? What - you did forget???
Here's a hint...say the following in a really deep voice...

(OK - at least Andrew will get do get it don't you Andrew???)

And Harv REALLY became my favorite when we met him in person!! He said "Hello" to me and the Gardener when we were sitting at the bar in Joe Allen's in NYC one night...
We blabbered something to him about just seeing him in Torch Song Trilogy on TV a few days prior, and he actually pretended to be interested and was very friendly...

Catch Harvey now on Broadway in "A Catered Affair"!!

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