Monday, June 9, 2008

DC Pride Week '08

██ Same-sex marriages

██ Same-sex civil unions

██ Same-sex domestic partnerships

██ Foreign same-sex marriages recognized

██ Statute bans same-sex marriage

██ Constitution bans same-sex marriage

██ Constitution bans same-sex marriage and other kinds of same-sex unions

Thought this map was an interesting color-coded summary of the current state of same-sex marriage in the U.S.

The red and orange states find same-sex marriage so threatening to their way of life that they not only passed laws against it but amended their State Constitutions to ban it...

My question is "What IS the
threat specifically??" If they legalize same-sex marriage EVERYONE will want one?? Heterosexual men will suddenly want to marry other heterosexual men??? Is it a bigger threat to the institution of marriage than celebrities whose marriages last an average of 6 months? I don't get it...

I just want to be able to sign up for domestic partner insurance benefits and pass along my social security benefits if I get hit by a bus tomorrow (which with the combination of Metro bus drivers and walking to work the way I do isn't such an unlikely scenario)...

But until I get rights to marry and its recognized at a federal level that isn't happening...

(fyi - grabbed this map off of Wiki and believe its accurate, but if you know differently, please let me know...)

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