Monday, May 5, 2008

Stunt casting...what is Ugly Betty doing???

If someone said to me "Mr. Q - please make a list of celebrities that you wish would fall out of the public eye for at least 5 years" this young lady would be at the top of the list...I was hoping I'd never have a reason to post a picture of her on my blog...

Last week, we heard Rebecca Romijn will be leaving the cast of Ugly Betty, and now this...Lindsay freakin' Lohan will be "guest-starring" in the season finale and will be in a 5 episode arc next year! UGH!!

I can't think of a "guest star" that I would LEAST like to see on what used to be my favorite show than Ms. Lohan...nothing personal - hope she sticks with that rehab thing -but WHY would they cast her on Ugly Betty?? Hopefully they can get Britney and Paris to play her fun-loving sisters and then maybe they can cast Jessica Simpson as her sweet-talkin' Southern cousin!!

UGLY BETTY PEOPLE - you are BETTER THAN THIS!! Stunt Casting at this stage of the show??? It's only a year and a half old!! Everyone knows stunt casting isn't something you resort to until at least the fifth season!!

Is this the work of the NEW writing team noted in the Rebecca Romijn post? Are the new writers the old writers from Will & Grace who never met a celebrity they wouldn't write into their show??? On last week's Ugly Betty we had Project Runway winner Christian pop up...I hear Naomi Campbell is also "guesting" soon, and then Lindsay for the finale??

I'll keep watching (for now) but these are NOT good signs for the future of the show...get your act together UGLY BETTY people!!

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