Friday, May 30, 2008

Greetings from Ft Lauderdale

Jimmy finally got the right cable so we now have Internet access...enjoying the sunny skies and warm temps in Fort Lauderdale...

The trip is pretty much focused around this location...late mornings poolside, followed by a late lunch, followed by late afternoon cocktails...and then off to Rosie's and Georgie's (home of domestic beers for $1 on Wednesdays and some pretty nasty and huge L.I. Iced Teas on Thursdays which made for an especially slow day today) -
Someone told me they saw Mr Q dancing shirtless last night at Boom, but that's an unfounded rumor...

It'll all be over on Sunday unfortunately...although Jimmy and AJ have an entire week ahead of and in Naples...they'll have to tell me how the Sunday afternoon tea dance goes!

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