Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Update...

Crappy Monday, huh? Clouds, drizzle, and 45 degrees...again. Enough already.

But let's focus on some positive news, shall we?

Checked out Asia Nine for dinner on Saturday night, and definitely enjoyed it and would go back...nice space, good crowd, good service and my chicken pad thai was delicious...and a good-sized portion! Just like I like it...Mr. Q's dining companion Mr. W* was similarly happy with his meal...

Then stopped off at Proof just to see it...looks like a very nice place, and was we moved on to Oya for a Raspberry Kiss martini (might be my new favorite cocktail - I'll be replicating it at home soon for friends and charge less than $12! OYa!!). After Oya we stopped into Be Bar for a few drinks with Mr.B* & Mr.K*

Sunday was movie day - Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday (not so good - 2 stars from me) and Other People's Lives (surprisingly enjoyable for a foreign film with subtitles based in 1984 East Germany! 4 stars)

Hope everyone had a fab weekend...and is getting through this dreary Monday!!

*(Recurring characters to be regularly featured on Q Street News!)

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