Thursday, April 17, 2008

So much to blog about, so little time...

Mom's visit is taking up a little more time away from my posting than I thought it would...and so much is going on!!

The Pope is in town!! And everyone is in a frenzy, aren't they?? I never realized the Popemobile was a Mercedes...and its 6am and people are filling up Nationals Stadium for a Mass that starts in FOUR HOURS!!

And besides the Pope in town, here's some other random thoughts...

Priscilla got robbed on DWTS...I think she was just warming up and her face was just starting to move...Christian should have been booted.

I'm not a fan of Kristy Lee Cook, but Brooke really should have gone last night, shouldn't she?

And if I take Lionel Ritchie's "HELLO" and turn it into a slow rock ballad, and then I take "Billie Jean" and turn it into a slow rock ballad, and then I take Mariah Carey and turn her song into a SLOW ROCK BALLAD, WHY do the judges stand up and applaud my ORIGINALITY??!!! What's ORIGINAL about that???

David Cook take pop songs and make them into slow rock ballads!!! Kind of interesting and he executes them well, but its NOT original if he does the same thing every freakin' week...

OK, have to go...back to regular postings soon! With even MORE pics and MORE clips!!

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