Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pam Anderson in Shaw!!

I'd heard the rumors that she was here last Saturday night, but the Washington Post confirms it this morning...Pam was at Vegetate on Saturday night!!

Pamela Anderson and her escort, PETA veep Dan Mathews, were all over the place: Friday afternoon they dropped by HHS to hand-deliver a letter protesting animal testing; that night, on "Larry King Live" followed by dinner at downtown vegetarian eatery Vegetate; lunch Saturday at Georgetown's Old Glory -- fried pickles and okra, BBQ veggie skewers ( not the ribs).

I unfortunately was way over on U Street at that time while Mr & Mrs. GW drove by in their caravan on the way to the correspondent's dinner at the Washington Hilton...we saw Laura B in the window through the shaded glass, but I'd rather have knocked back a drink w/ Pam at Vegetate!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes I had heard the same thing from Shaw neighbors who saw her at Vegetate!! Wow!