Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's hear it for LIVE Television!!

Just when I thought Christian de la Fuente ripping his bicep and letting Cheryl Burke fall to the floor on DWTS was going to be the highlight of my live television watching this week...

Now comes Paula...and SHE WILL NOT BE OUTDONE!! Watch this CLIP!!


Even more fun was watching faux-hawked Seacrest stare off stage pleading with someone to save them...thankfully Simon went on to tell every one of the 5 finalists they were horrible...more or less.

EXCELLENT TV!! Thanks Paula!!

And as I'm typing this post there are some hot muscle-shirted, leather-panted ballroom dancers dancing to...Def Leopard performing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" LIVE(!)
on the DWTS results show... Yikes - what a WACKY night!!

But back to Idol...The final three based on tonight will be David Cook, David Archuleta and, surprisingly, Syesha Mercado (who I thought was much better than Simon gave her credit for)...

Brooke needs to go, and Jason Castro does have cute eyes and a nice smile and will make a great indie folk singer with the right producer, but Neil Diamond night was the end of him
(sorry Holly!)...

Have to go and see who's going on DWTS...I think it'll be Shannon, don't you?
OMG!! They're making flatulence jokes about Jason Taylor and Def Leopard is coming back to sing another song!!

Quality night!!

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