Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I will ALWAYS love you....Dolly!!

The fabulous singer, songwriter Dolly "it takes a lot of money to look this cheap" Parton appeared on American Idol tonight...and was the BEST coach ever!!

OK, she didn't "coach" so much as giggle and try to say nice things about the contestants...and she absolutely pegged David A as the best singer...not to mention lick her lips and leer a little too much at little David...that was slightly unnerving Dolly, but you're still the BEST!!

I hope she sells MILLIONS of copies of her new CD Backwoods Barbie...

As for the rest of the night....unfortunately someone has obviously messed with Paula's meds again and she's back to her fragmented irritating "you look beautiful tonight" speech pattern...and Randy seemed to be in an unusually foul mood didn't he...whaz up dawg???

And now for tonight's prediction!!

Mr. Q has tapped into his psychic powers and predicts Ramiele Malubay won't be selling ANY CD's anytime soon...she'll be saying goodbye tomorrow night...

Tune in tomorrow to see if he's right!! :-)

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